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New Zealand Radio Stations

New Zealand offers a wide range of music, with something to suit every taste and age. NZ radio stations play everything from heavy metal and rock music to classical music and talk back shows.

Featured Radio Stations

The Rock

The Rock FM

Genre: Rock Music

Tip! – To have a list of North Island and South Island Rock station frequencies sent to your cellphone, simply text "north" for North Island frequencies or "south" for South Island frequencies to 3550

North Island Frequencies

Northland: 90 FM
Auckland: 90.2 FM
Waikato: 93 FM
Bay of Plenty: 94.2 FM
Rotorua: 92.7 FM
Taupo: 94.3 FM
Taranaki: 95.6 FM
Hawke's Bay: 95.1 FM
Gisborne: 94.1 FM
Manawatu: 95.4 FM
Wairarapa: 94.9 FM
Wanganui: 95.2 FM
Kapiti: 91.9 FM
Wellington: 96.3 FM

South Island Frequencies

Nelson 94.6 FM
marlborough 91.3 FM
Timaru 91.5 FM
Christchurch/Canterbury: 93.7 FM
Queenstown: 100 FM
Central Otago: 98.3 FM
Otago: 93.4 FM
Southland: 90.8 FM

The Edge

The Edge FM

Genre: Variety of New Music

North Island Frequencies

Northland: 94FM
Auckland: 94.2FM
Whangamata: 90.3FM
Tauranga: 99.8FM
Waikato: 97.8FM
Rotorua: 99.9FM
Taupo: 89.1FM
Gisborne: 99.7FM
Taranaki: 94FM
Hawkes Bay: 98.3FM
Manawatu: 93FM
Kapiti: 97.3FM
Wellington: 91.7FM

South Island Frequencies

Nelson: 89FM
Canterbury: 88.9FM
Timaru: 95.5FM
Wanaka: 98.6FM
Oamaru: 96FM
Queenstown: 95.2FM
Otago: 91.8FM
Southland: 97.2FM

The Breeze

The Breeze

Genre: Easy Listening

North Island Frequencies

Auckland 93.4FM
Waikato 99.4FM
Hawke's Bay 97.5FM
Kapiti and Horowhenua 100.7FM
Manawatu 98.6FM
Mercury Bay 96.7FM
Tairua 90.7FM
Pauanui 90.7FM
Whangamata 99.5FM
Rotorua 91.9FM
Taranaki 92.4FM
Tauranga 95.8FM
Wairarapa 99.8FM
Wellington 98FM

South Island Frequencies

Christchurch 94.5FM
Central Otago 96.7FM
Dunedin 98.2FM
Blenheim 96.1FM
Picton 98.7FM
Kaikoura 97.1FM
Nelson 97.8FM
Queenstown 99.2FM
Southland 91.6FM

Classic Hits

Classic Hits

Genre: Adult Contemporary

North Island Frequencies

Auckland 97.4FM
Waikato 98.6FM
Rotorua 97.5FM & 90.8FM
Tokoroa 96.4FM
Taupo 96.8FM
Gisborne 90.9FM
Hawke's Bay 89.5FM
Wellington 90.0FM
Wanganui 89.6FM
Wairarapa 90.1FM
Kapiti 92.7FM
Bay Of Plenty 95.0FM
Taranaki 90.0FM
Bay of Islands 106.1FM

South Island Frequencies

Nelson 89.8FM
Golden Bay 1269AM
Marlborough 96.9FM
Picton 1584AM
Greymouth 91.1FM & 93.1FM
South Westland 90.5FM
Christchurch 97.7FM
Sumner & Redcliffs 96.5FM
Ashburton 92.5FM
Timaru 94.7FM & 98.7FM
Oamaru 98.4FM
Dunedin 89.4FM
Southland 98.8FM


Genre: Live Talk Radio

Mai FM

Genre: Hip-hop, R&B, Dance and Pop Music

Auckland Frequency: 88.6 FM


Genre: Variety

ZM Online

Genre: Today's Hit Music

Solid Gold FM

Genre: Rock Music

North Island Frequencies

Whangarei 107.3FM
Auckland 93.8FM
Waikato 93.8FM
Bay of Plenty 92.6FM
Rotorua 91.1FM
Gisborne 96.5FM
Taupo 100.0FM
Taranaki 98.0FM
Hawke's Bay 91.9FM
Wanganui 94.4FM
Manawatu 94.6FM
Wairarapa 93.5FM
Kapiti Coast 94.3FM
Wellington 97.3FM

South Island Frequencies

Blenheim 96.1FM
Nelson 98.4FM
Westport 95.7FM
Greymouth 94.7FM
Hokitika 91.9FM
Christchurch 92.9FM
Ashburton 95.7FM
Timaru 97.1FM
Oamaru 99.2FM
Alexandra & Cromwell 93.5FM
Queenstown 97.6FM
Wanaka 93.0FM
Dunedin 90.2FM
Southland 98.0FM

Hauraki Amped

Genre: Rock Music

North Island Frequencies

Auckland 99FM
Manawatu 105.8FM
Northland 93.2FM
Hawke's Bay 99.9FM
Gisborne 88.3FM 106.7FM
Taranaki 90.8FM
Taupo 92.8FM
Tauranga 91FM
Waikato 96.2FM
Wellington 93.3FM
Rotorua 94.3FM

South Island Frequencies

Blenheim 94.5FM
Christchurch 106.5FM
Dunedin 106.2FM
Nelson 90.4FM
Southland 93.2FM


Genre: Hip Hop & RnB

North Island Frequencies

Auckland 95.8FM
Rotorua 89.5FM
Whangarei 106FM
Hawkes Bay 96.7FM

Newstalk ZB

Genre: News and Information

Did you Know?

New Zealand has more flightless bird species than any other place on earth.

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