How to Manage Low Blood Pressure Naturally
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How to Manage Low Blood Pressure Naturally

By Anna Hayes. 21st August 2018

Low blood pressure is something many of us live with, and something that doctors will not readily prescribe medicine for. When I went to the doctors about my low blood pressure, the doctor's main advice was to drink more water and lie down when I felt dizzy. Drinking water I can manage, but for those of you who like me have children, work and other busy life commitments, lying down really isn't something we can just do!

My low blood pressure hasn't bothered me too much through my life, but at times of stress, when I've been run down and exhausted, it has reared its ugly head.

Symptoms for all us will vary slightly. For me, I get huge pain in my head, my vision goes black and I get so dizzy that there's high chance of passing out.

What is Low Blood Pressure?

Medically known as hypotension, blood pressure is considered low when it is less than 90/60. A blood pressure reading appears as two numbers. The first number is a measure of systolic pressure, or the pressure in your arteries when your heart beats and fills them with blood. The second number measures diastolic pressure, or the pressure in your arteries when your heart rests between beats. The ideal blood pressure is less than 120/80.

Types of Low Blood Pressure

There are several types of low blood pressure. Postural hypotension occurs when someone who is lying down rises too quickly and becomes dizzy. Neurally mediated hypotension is when someone stands for a long period and becomes dizzy. Vosvagal syncope is when someones low blood pressure becomes so low, the person passes out.

How to Deal with Low Blood Pressure

There are lots of ways you can manage your Low Blood Pressure yourself naturally without the expense of doctors, and without taking unnecessary medications.

  1. If you feel faint, get low to the ground. Its not always possible to lie down, so I squat in place. It's easier to do in public, and if I wait a minute or two I normally come right enough to get somewhere where I can sit down and rest for a little while.
  2. Drink more water. A high reason for low blood pressure is dehydration, so drink lots more water.
  3. Avoid energy drinks and alcohol. Coffee may be helpful.
  4. Increase Vitamin B – especially B12. You can add the B vitamins naturally in your diet, but it’s much easier to take supplements. I generally buy my vitamins from somewhere like
  5. Use Essential Oils. Throughout history they’ve used salts and oils and the like to help with fainting and all manner of illnesses. Really good high quality essential oils are so amazing, and are so concentrated you only need a drop or two at a time. There are a few that are great for helping with low blood pressure. A few you could try include:
  6. Think about your salt intake, and potentially have more. Low blood pressure can be related to low salt levels. But don’t increase – or ideally even use! – the standard iodized salt from the supermarket. Its bleached and stripped of all its natural iodine and minerals and then added back. Buy a quality salt like the pink rock salt (you can also get this from the supermarket). It’s really yum and so much more natural and better for you!
Use doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil to help manage low blood pressure naturally

With a few lifestyle changes and some healthy additions like essential oils, vitamins and minerals you can get on top of your low blood pressure naturally.