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Otago is a southern region of the South Island of New Zealand. The main city is Dunedin, home to the University of Otago - New Zealand's first university founded in 1869.

Central Otago is a place of dramatic scenery. Discover schist mountains studded with tors and vast valleys that were scoured by glaciers during the ice age. The climatic extremes repaint the landscape with every season.


The Otago region experiences a varied climate, - coastal in the coastal regions and a continental climate inland.

Central Otago is the only region in New Zealand to experience a near continental climate, having the hottest summers and coldest winters in New Zealand.


There are many parks, gardens, historic houses, museums and other places of interest in and around Otago, New Zealand. Explore the Otago Peninsula and its abundant wildlife or cycle the historic Otago Central Rail Trail.


Otago enjoys a modern transport system, with well maintained roads, cycleways, foot paths, airports, wharves and boat ramps. Public transport options include buses, taxis and water taxis.

If you are looking to hire a car, there are a wide range of car rental companies providing this service. Many rental car companies provide a pick up/drop off service to the Dunedin Airport.

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