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Gisborne Radio Stations & Frequencies

Find radio stations and their frequencies in New Zealand. New Zealand broadcasts a wide range of genres of music and talk back radio, playing on both FM and AM frequencies.

Hauraki Amped

Frequency: 88.5FM

Genre: Rock Music

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More FM

Frequency: 90.1 and 98.9FM

Genre: Variety Music

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Radio Live

Frequency: 94.8FM

Genre: Live Talk Radio

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The Edge

Frequency: 99.7FM

Genre: Variety of New Music

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The Hits

Frequency: 90.9FM

Genre: Adult Contemporary

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The Rock FM

Frequency: 94.1FM

Genre: Rock Music

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Turanga FM

Frequency: 91.7FM, 95.7FM & 98.

Genre: Maori Culture

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Frequency: 107.4 & 107.7FM

Genre: Today's Hit Music

Current Date & Time: July 18 2019, 11:01 am

Did you Know?

The Moa - a now extinct, native New Zealand bird - was one of the largest birds in history. The Moa stood up to 3.6 metres tall and weighed 300 kilograms!

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