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Wanaka Radio Stations

Wanaka offers a wide range of music, with something to suit every taste and age. Wanaka radio stations play everything from heavy metal and rock music to classical music and talk back shows.

Here are a list of radio stations that play in Wanaka, New Zealand:


Frequency: 94.6FM

Genre: Classics

More FM

Frequency: 90.3 and 94.3FM

Genre: Variety Music

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Newstalk ZB

Frequency: 90.6FM

Genre: News and Information

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Frequency: 89FM

Genre: Christian

The Hits

Frequency: 96.2FM

Genre: Adult Contemporary

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The Rock FM

Frequency: 89.8FM

Genre: Rock Music

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Frequency: 92.2FM

Genre: Community Radio

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Frequency: 100.2FM

Genre: Today's Hit Music

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Did you Know?

New Zealand is home to the the heaviest insect in the world - the giant weta. This insect is heavier than a sparrow and looks like a giant cockroach.

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