54 Kiwi Slang Explained - New Zealand Colloquialisms and their Meanings
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54 Kiwi Slang Phrases Explained

Slang words and colloquialisms that Kiwis use in New Zealand

New Zealanders - affectionately known as Kiwis - are reknown for having a unique variety of slang, catch phrases and colloquialisms. Here are 54 of our pet kiwi slang phrases and what they mean!

  • All good - Means no problem.
  • Bach - A holiday home.
  • Barbie - Barbeque
  • Beaut - Something really good.
  • Bloody mare - A hard time or bad situation
  • Bro - One of the most commonly used slangs, meaning "mate", "friend" or similar.
  • Chilly bin - An ice box or cooler bin used to store picnics, cold beverages etc.
  • Chips - Fish and chips are a very popular, cheap takeaway meal in New Zealand. To others, it sounds like "chups".
  • Chocka - Means full
  • Chur - Means thanks
  • Crook - Generally meaning feeling unwell. Or could be the standard reference to a criminal.
  • Cuz or Cuzzie - Abbreviation of cousin
  • Dairy - A corner store with everyday essentials such as milk, newspapers, ice creams, cigarettes and often Lotto tickets.
  • Durrie - Cigarette
  • Duvet - A type of bedding with a removable cover over a soft flat bag of down, wool or feathers.
  • Eh - Depending on the pronunciation, this either means yes if pronouned "ayy". If said as a question, ie "eh?" it means "huh? what do you mean?"
  • Feijoa - A fruit tree or shrub grown easily in much of New Zealand. Produces a round green fruit generally Autumn to Winter.
  • Glad® wrap - A clingy film wrapping used in the kitchen for keeping food fresh.
  • Gumboots - A pair of hardy rubber footware used on the farm.
  • Gutted - Dismayed, disappointed
  • Handle the jandle - Deal with the situation
  • Hard case - Means funny, a right character
  • Jafa - Someone who lives in Auckland.
  • Jandle - Also known as flip-flops or thongs. A casual form of rubber footwear.
  • Kiwi - May refer to the small brown flightless nocturnal bird that is native to New Zealand, or people from New Zealand. I.e. "he's a kiwi" - or "he's a New Zealander".
  • L & P - A popular Kiwi made soda drink.
  • Lamington - A sponge cake coated in an outer layer of chocolate or rasberry and desicated coconut.
  • Maccas - McDonalds food chain
  • Munted - A very commonly used term, generally meaning that the object is broken, destroyed, useless or if referring to a person - drunk or intoxicated.
  • Nek minit - Next minute (something happened)
  • OE - Overseas Experience
  • Packing a sad - Having a tantrum or being upset over something
  • Pav - A fluffy desert made mostly from whipped egg whites and sugar. Kiwi or Australian invented..
  • Pineapple Lumps - A chewy pineapple flavoured lolly covered in chocolate.
  • Redbands - A brand of hardy, lightweight gumboots made for all ages.
  • Sav - Short for saveloy. A cocktail sausage.
  • Scarfie - Nickname for university students in Dunedin - so called because of the traditional blue and gold scarves worn by students during the winter.
  • Scull - To down your drink.
  • She'll be right - It will be ok.
  • Snags - Sausages
  • Stoked - Happy or chuffed about something
  • Stubbies - A brand name for mens shorts, but referring to short shorts for men.
  • Sus - Means suspicious
  • Sweet as - Means no problem.
  • Taking the piss - Joking, making fun of.
  • Tiki tour - To make a detour from the direct route to your destination.
  • Togs - Swimwear
  • Turps - Alcohol
  • Twink - White out correction tape/fluid/pens.
  • Ute - Abbreviation for utility vehicle. A car with trayback.
  • Westie - Someone who lives in West Auckland.
  • Wop Wops - In the middle of nowhere
  • Yeah...nah - Basically means no, but in a more vague way.
  • You're an egg - You're a fool