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Sports of New Zealand

New Zealanders are very keen sports people, we love nothing more than to get behind our favourite sports team and support them in any way we can!

Some of the most popular sports in New Zealand include rugby, cricket, soccer, netball and basketball. These sports are primarily played in Commonwealth of Nations countries. The sports listed below all have different rules, aims, and players but one thing they all bring is excitement and unpredictability.

Rugby Union

Rugby Union. Copyright: Tourism New Zealand

Rubgy Union is popular across all ages, sectors and races in New Zealand. The All Blacks are our national rugby team, and are one the best rugby teams in all of the world!

The All Blacks traditionally perform a haka, a Maori challenge, at the start of international matches.

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Rugby League

Though generally not as popular as Rugby Union in New Zealand, Rugby League has a growing number of followers. Our national Rugby League team are the Warriors, and the main competition they play in is the NRL.

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Cricket is a popular national summer sport in New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the ten countries that take part in test match cricket. Our national Cricket team are the Black Caps.

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Soccer, also known as "football" is another popular sport in New Zealand. Our national Soccer team are the All Whites.

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Netball is the most popular women's sport in New Zealand. The Silver Ferns are New Zealand's national Netball team, and are one of the leading Netball teams in the world.

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Nicknamed the "Tall Blacks", the New Zealand Breakers are New Zealand's national Basketball team.

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