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About Marlborough New Zealand

The Marlborough region is located in the north-eastern corner of the South Island of New Zealand and is famous for its sunny, year-round climate, many beautiful sounds-sunken valleys and its huge grape growing and wine making industry.

Explore the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound, hike the famous Queen Charlotte Track or take a winery tour of the many boutique vineyards.


Marlborough weather is typically calm and warm. Summer enjoys hot dry days, and winter cool frosty mornings with clear sunny days.


There are many parks, gardens, historic houses, museums and other places of interest in and around Marlborough, New Zealand.


Marlborough enjoys a modern transport system, with well maintained roads, cycleways, foot paths, airports, wharves and boat ramps. Public transport options include buses, taxis and water taxis.

If you are looking to hire a car, there are a wide range of car rental companies providing this service. Many rental car companies provide a pick up/drop off service to the Blenheim Airport.

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Did you Know?

The Moa - a now extinct, native New Zealand bird - was one of the largest birds in history. The Moa stood up to 3.6 metres tall and weighed 300 kilograms!

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