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New Zealand Seasons

New Zealand's seasons are mild, and do not experience massive temperature extremes. Mostly the seasons are quite clearly delineated, however the weather can change unexpectedly and feel like you have expereinced all four seasons in one day.

To see the weather forcast for the next few days in your area, see the MetService website.


Months: September, October, November

Average Temperatures: From 4.5 - 18 degrees celsius (40 - 65F).

Spring is a beautiful season in New Zealand. Baby lambs dot the paddocks, daffodils are in full bloom everywhere, and all the deciduous trees are starting to green up. Now is a beautiful time to visit New Zealand, the temperatures are cool with crisp morning frosts throughout much of the country, clearing to lovely sunny days.


Months: December, January, February

Average Temperatures: From 21 - 32 degrees celsius (70 - 90F).

Summer is warm in New Zealand, but not generally much hotter than around 30 degrees celsius. In some parts of New Zealand, the farms will be browning off from low water fall. Trees are in full colour, and ducks and birds are still merrily making more babies. Summer is a great season to visit New Zealand if you are looking to hit the beaches, lakes and rivers to cool off.


Months: March, April, May

Average Temperatures From 7 - 21 degrees celsius (45 - 70F).

Autumn is a welcome relief for much of New Zealand after the dry summer. Rain fall becomes more often and the temperatures are cooling off. However, its still beautiful and warm, and much of New Zealand that has suffered through the dry of Summer comes alive now for Autumn, with fresh growth on the trees and green grass overtaking the brown, barren dirts. Autumn is a good time to visit New Zealand if you are looking for cooler weather, green pastures and outdoor activities where you will be cool while doing them.


Months: June, July, August

Average Temperatures: From 1.5 - 15.5 degrees celsius (35 - 60F).

Winter is cool to cold in New Zealand, generally dropping to around 0 degrees at night and not getting past around 12 degrees during the day. Some parts of New Zealand such as Otago and the high country of Canterbury experience heavy snowfalls, creating beautiful picture-perfect scenery. Hoar frosts in Central Otago cover the frozen land in sparkling frosts. Other parts of the country, such as Southland and Dunedin, experience cold, windy, rainy days that keep most people indoors.

Winter is an ideal time to visit New Zealand if you are an avid skiier. The slopes in Queenstown and other parts of New Zealand are world famous, with advanced skiing slopes, family friendly ski areas, night time skiing and other fun winter sports.