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Hearing Aids in New Zealand

Are you looking for affordable hearing aids in New Zealand? There are many stockists and distributors for hearing aids in New Zealand, with a huge range of options in hearing amplifier with different costs and support.

Invisible digital hearing aid from Hearing True

Invisible digital hearing aid from Hearing True

Hearing Tests

Before you buy a hearing aid, or set of hearing aids, its important that you first have your hearing checked. You can do this by visiting an audiologist or taking advantage of a free hearing test.

Your hearing test, or audiogram, will show your hearing loss and you can then purchase a programmable hearing aid that can be programmed to suit this specific hearing loss.

Not all hearing aids are programmable. Many come with only a set selection of programs. It is important to consider whether a programmable hearing aid will suit you and your hearing loss better before committing to your purchase. Programmable hearing amplifiers can be reprogrammed to your hearing loss, should this hearing loss change.

Digital Hearing Aids

Most hearing aids in New Zealand are now all digital - although you can still buy analog hearing aids if you wish. Digital hearing aids have made huge advancements in technology and offer amazing features such as AirTap technology, Telecoil bluetooth connections, the ability to adjust for different surroundings - ie reduce background noise at a noisy pub, and much more.

Buy Hearing Aids Online

Many hearing aid distributors in New Zealand offer an online shopping option. If you are looking for top of the range, digital, affordable hearing aids, check out Hearing True. Located in Christchurch, Hearing True stock a range of invisible hearing aids at highly reduced prices. By cutting out the expensive middleman costs, Hearing True are able to bring you top quality hearing aids sourced from top European and US manufacturers at prices that you can afford.

Without compromise on quality, and offering free hearing tests from their Christchurch clinic, Hearing True are the best place to shop for your digital hearing aids.

How much will my Hearing Aids Cost?

Unfortunately, hearing aids are not cheap. However, they are very important and key to enjoying a great life. A single hearing aid can cost from $1000 - $4000, with a set costing from $2000 - $10000.

Many audiologists include hidden costs in the price of their hearing aids. These include your initial consultation, hearing test, hearing aid programming and follow up appointments. It is worth enquiring what your hearing aid cost covers additional to the hearing amplifier.

Some hearing aid distributors offer very cheap hearing devices. Be careful that you are not compromising the quality of your hearing device with a cheap unbranded Chinese mass produced hearing aid as they may not work very well or last long. If you find a cheap hearing aid, check the brand you are buying, warranty and business guarantees before you buy. It is also worth reading feedback from previous purchasers.

Funding for Hearing Aids

Some residents in New Zealand will be eligible for government funding and support when purchasing their hearing aids. To find out if you are eligible for funding visit the Ministry of Health website.

Children in New Zealand may be eligible for free hearing aids. For more information visit the Enable New Zealand website.