Love New Zealand

New Zealand Conservation Efforts

New Zealand is a relatively young country, and is known around the world for its clean, green, natural image. Here you can come and see beautiful natural forests, a huge range of natural flora and fauna and generally 'clean green' countryside.

It doesn't stay that way by itself though, but with the conscious efforts of many individual kiwis, businesses, charities and government agencies, we can make a difference.

The primary New Zealand conservation body is the Department of Conservation. This central government organisation has been charged with conserving and protecting the natural and historic heritage of New Zealand. This includes historic buildings and locations, natural reserves and forests, restoration of forests, conservation of native animals and wildlife and eradication of pests.

Many businesses in New Zealand are turning to eco-friendly, sustainable practices in their workplaces. You can help by actively supporting these businesses over less eco-friendly businesses.

One such eco friendly business is Driftwood Retreat & Eco-Tours. This Marlborough based company offers sustainable eco-friendly accommodation and eco-friendly tours that seek to leave a minimal carbon footprint. They also actively promote conservation in New Zealand. When you take one of their Marlborough eco tours, Driftwood Retreat & Eco-Tours pledges to plant one tree in their eight hectare covenanted wetland.

You can Help

If you want to get involved in the conservation of our precious native birds, animals and flora there are many things you can do. The most basic starts with yourself, in your own home. Conserve natural resources, recycle and reduce your rubbish, lower your carbon footprint, plant native species and so forth.

You can also volunteer to help get involved in conservation efforts. Whether through a Department of Conservation project or locally in your community. Find out more about getting involved in conservation.