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The Most Popular Casino Locations in New Zealand

Casinos have seen a rise in popularity in New Zealand. With each offering something different and many ways to get involved at all levels of each game, it makes sense. But where is best to play certain games, which locations have the largest range of payment methods, and which places boast added entertainment alongside their casino offering? Here are the most popular casino locations in New Zealand.

NZ Players Choose Online Casino

There are a range of land-based casinos, but sometimes this just isn’t practical. So, many opt for choosing online casino gameplay, or combine the two. For those who want the excitement of the casino but the convenience of their home, there are many opportunities to engage with online casino games in New Zealand. To find the best online casinos in New Zealand, has compiled a handy list that outlines the providers available online in the country, including the welcome bonuses and special offers from each site, thus allowing players to see which sites offer which kinds of casino games. Most of these online casino platforms can be accessed from smartphones as well, and are fully optimized for players to engage however they want to.

Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand

View from the Auckland Sky Tower. Source Pixabay
View from the Auckland Sky Tower. Source Pixabay

Auckland’s Sky Tower Casino

Auckland’s SkyCity casino is situated in the 328m high Sky Tower, which offers opportunities for thrills such as walking around the towering viewing platforms and is rated highly at 4.5 out of 5 stars on With views of up to 80km in every direction, the casino’s location is designed to emanate suaveness and sophistication to match its ambience. The casino is complete with more than 2,000 gaming machines and around 150 table games, so there is something to suit every kind of player and every gaming strategy and bankroll. The establishment's main pull is the experience of the Sky Tower as much as the range of table games. It boasts 24-hour gaming for some of its rooms, so whether it’s an early morning flutter or a post-night-out throw of the dice, you should be catered for.

Hamilton’s Casino Overlooking the Waikato River

For another picturesque location, there is Hamilton’s SkyCity Casino, which boasts a wide range of games alongside its scenic location in historic Hamilton ( by the Waikato River. The casino boasts the standard fare when it comes to gaming, including 24-hour access to certain tables and games. As well as offering the standard table games and pokies machines, it is also famed for its occasional tournaments for guests. Mimicking the world-famous World Series and other poker tournaments, the Money Carlo event offers guests the chance to try to win $4,000. The scenic location provides a backdrop befitting a James Bond-like experience to leave visitors shaken and stirred.

Christchurch Casino

The casino in Christchurch ( is offered as an entertainment destination which aims to provide a full package of live entertainment, food, and drink as well as gaming. Boasting an integrated app and a VIP Players Club, Christchurch Casino aims to capture the essence and excitement that the casino can possess to give players a slice of luxury. It also provides live entertainment, having made a name for itself as a party destination that many choose for special occasions. Pre-wedding parties are increasingly booking these kinds of casino events.

Dunedin’s Casino

Another popular casino in New Zealand is Dunedin’s. The venue specialises in offers and game deals for different days of the week, which help customers know which days might be more popular and may suit them. There is also a rewards programme that benefits any customer. Membership gives visitors discounts on food and drink and access to special draws and prizes. The club also works to allow players to gain points. This could benefit those who enjoy collecting rewards points for their casino spending and being treated well for their patronage. This land-based casino might not suit those who want to play late at night, however, as it closes around 3 am.

As we can see, New Zealand has a wide range of choices when it comes to casino experiences. Some specialise in certain types of game on offer, including poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and pokies. Others focus on the feeling and experience of being there, including with views across the city and scenic views of the river. Yet others market themselves as one-stop entertainment destinations in New Zealand’s thriving nightlife sector (, providing live events and food and drink on top of the traditional casino experiences.