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Winter Vacation on the Beach: Top 5 New Zealand Locations

Hot Water Beach, Coromandel
Hot Water Beach, Coromandel. Copyright: Matt Crawford.

In New Zealand, the high touristic season occurs twice a year. The first period is December and January - the warm summer months, the second one is June and July - the coldest months when there is a lot of snow on the mountain slopes and the ski season begins. The weather in New Zealand is not too hot in winter, although it is summertime here. The temperature never rises much higher than + 30°С. So, winter is the perfect time for diving, sailing, surfing, and camping.

Top 5 Destinations to Visit in New Zealand in Winter

Even though New Zealand is a country on the islands, there are not many beach resorts. At the same time, locals are doing everything to ensure that the sea vacation in New Zealand is the best. The water here is quite cold, which is warmer near the Tasman Sea, and much colder near the Pacific Ocean. Constant winds make it difficult to relax in warm water even in hot summer. Nevertheless, if you come for the sake of nature and excursions, you will find quite a quality vacation on the beaches of New Zealand:

1. Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands
Bay of Islands. Copyright: Northland Adventure HQ.

Just like the Gates of Olympus are perfect for spending time at home, the Bay of Islands is perfect for diving and lying on the beach. There are white beaches, a mild climate, and hundreds of islands here. The place is also famous for its fishing for sharks and other ocean fish. Depending on the purpose, it is better to come here in December-May.

2. Fiordland

The waters of the South Island are cool for swimming. But the famous Fiordland fjord area is considered a great place for diving. The mystery of the fjords is that the top layer of water is saturated with tannin, which absorbs sunlight. This leads to the fact that the saltwater is always calm and light. This allows deep life forms to thrive in shallow waters, and swimmers can admire sponges, anemones, and fish that are usually only found at depths of 100m or more. Besides, the oldest red and black corals that live in normal conditions at a depth of 45-50 m are preserved in the fjords. The Milford Sound fjord is the most accessible for tourists.

3. Pauanui Beach

This is one of the most attractive beaches in New Zealand, located in the east of the Coromandel Peninsula. The locals are very fond of this clean beach. Here you can safely enjoy the perfection of nature. These places are almost untouched by modern civilization. Evergreen trees with velvety red flowers grow here, they bloom at the end of December. Around the beach, there are forests, fjords, waterfalls, and volcanoes. Every sunset here is unique. This real beauty can be admired endlessly.

4. Beaches on the Taranaki Peninsula

Magnificent beaches stretch along Tamaki Drive and further along the coastline for 320 km. The golden sands of the east coast and the black volcanic sands of the west coast are amazing.

On any of the beaches of New Zealand with children, you should be on the alert. The ocean is dangerous, and there are strong waves, joyful for surfers and dangerous for ordinary swimmers. Still, local beaches are amazing and should be added to your travel list.